Weekend In Review

Hello! Happy Monday!

(if there is such a thing)

I had a wonderful weekend and I hope you all did too! My sister came to visit and as usual we had a blast! We tried out Zoe’s Kitchen (yum!), did some shopping, and got pedicures together.

Zoe's Kitchen-- She got chicken with orzo pasta, I had the chicken kabobs

Zoe’s Kitchen– She got chicken with orzo pasta, I had the chicken kabobs

When we started thinking about what to have for lunch on Saturday, my sister’s only request was that it be healthy. My husband suggested Zoe’s Kitchen and it was wonderful! They do healthy Mediterranean style food, only it’s fast! I think these locations are franchises and I’m so glad I tried it out! That’s one app I’ll be using often!

Pedicures--a necessity.

Pedicures–a necessity.

After a healthy dose of retail therapy, it was time to treat our feet! We emerged sandal-ready, even though it was about 30 degrees outside. Sunday warmed up significantly and we were able to enjoy our salads outside and fit in a walk around the neighborhood before she had to pack up her car and hit the road.

As always, I hated to see Sara leave. If only we had enjoyed each other’s company this much when we actually lived in the same house ! I guess a lot of siblings probably feel that way.

I’m going to let the fun times and new memories made carry me through this work week! Have a great week everyone!

xo, dCv