Don’t shop…

Hello all and welcome back!

As you may remember reading, my Golden Retriever Cole passed away last August. We were totally heartbroken. Even though we thought we would wait at least a year before getting another dog, we recently started checking out rescue dogs.
Even before Cole passed away, I knew that the next dog I got would have to be a rescue. There are so many wonderful dogs and cats that need homes. People join waiting lists for those cute puppies at the breeders while older mixed-breed dogs sit in shelters. This is one thing that I don’t want to shop for. You don’t have to get a purebred to experience pure love!
My husband found Bumble and Bee on a rescue site in Tennessee. They are a bonded pair of year-old Labrador Retrievers. He showed me their pictures, and asked what I thought about two dogs instead of just one. What did I think?! Double the love!

Meet Bumble!

Meet Bumble!


Meet Bee!

Meet Bee!

We pick these girls up on Valentine’s Day!

Welcome home, Bumble and Bee!

xo, dCv


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