Hello all! Welcome back to my little corner of the internet!

I hope the new year is treating you all well! I’m determined to make this a great year, and part of that is taking better care of myself.

I’ve recently gotten back into running, both for exercise and stress management although it’s almost laughable to call what I do “running”. I basically shuffle my feet, try to keep breathing and moving forward, and trudge along our neighborhood streets. My legs are pretty short so taking big strides is a no-go at this point. Perhaps jogging would be a more appropriate term? The word jogging makes me think about retired folks in Florida wearing matching sweats. I just checked it; “jogging” means to run at a slower or more leisurely pace. I guess I’m a jogger–although there’s nothing leisurely about it!

No matter how slow I’m running (ahem! Jogging!), I try to stay positive and tell myself that I’m still lapping everybody on the couch, (according to Pinterest anyway)! I wouldn’t say that I love the feeling while exercising, but I do love the feeling I get when I’m done. If I can start my day off right with exercise the rest of the day will be so much more productive!

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Hope you’re all having a great week!!

xo, dCv  


One thought on “Running

  1. I’m a runner too, sissy, and I also love it when I’m done. You’ll love it more this summer in your 2 piece lol. Keep your perspective about lapping those couch potatoes, it’s so true!

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