White Noise

Welcome back everyone! Hope your week is going well.


Recently I sat on my sister’s back porch, looking out into the country fields, having a beer and talking about life. We jumped on the trampoline like we were kids again ( it took all of 5 minutes for me to be out of breath. I don’t remember jumping on the trampoline being exercise when I was young!) We both long for a simpler existence. There is simply too much white noise out there for me.

Technology sucks the life out of me. Who wants to be connected all the time? I sure don’t. Yet it’s a habit– I go home, immediately turn on the TV, and plop down in front of it. I don’t even really enjoy what I’m watching. Hell, I don’t really even pay attention to what I’m watching–I’m too busy Facebooking on my phone. What I have just described is not living–it’s wasting time that I’ll never get back.And I’m done with it!

While I’m not going totally off the grid–yet, anyway–I am making a concerted effort to shut out the pointless stuff. I declared this week “No TV” week and I don’t miss it one bit.  There is nothing on that TV that will make my life better for having watched it. I’ve spent my time exercising, taking my dog out for rides, reading, and relaxing. And my life is fuller for having done it!

The phone is a little harder to escape. I mean, it’s with me all day long. Emails, Facebook notifications, texts, ringringring! Since I’m not at a point in my life where I can totally shut my phone off, I’ve simply shut it down after work hours. And it feels awesome! Like I’ve been set free from something I didn’t even know was holding me in captivity!

I encourage everyone to give it a shot–even if it’s  just for one evening–turn off the TV and do something you enjoy! Read a few chapters of a book or have an actual conversation with someone.

Have a wonderful rest of the week!





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