OOTD–Spring Transitions

Hey y’all! Welcome back!

Oh my goodness, what a difference a few days of nice weather makes! It’s been 50-60 degrees everyday since Saturday. It changes my whole mindset and mood! I’ve always found winter depressing. This year it wasn’t until the past few weeks that I really started to feel it–that lethargic, grumpy feeling that you just can’t explain. The Winter Blahs. It turns me into a lazy, boring person who just wants to sleep all day and avoid social interaction. I have made sure that no matter what is going on, I’ve gotten outside for at least an hour each day to soak up some sunshine!

This is also that fun time of year when we start to transition our wardrobes. I like to rely on sweaters in spring colors and nautical-inspired looks to help my wardrobe bridge that gap .


P.S. I found a few nautical goodies at Old Navy I just had to share with you all!

Have a great week!!

Women's Printed Flip Flops, oldnavy.com, $6.94

Women’s Printed Flip Flops, oldnavy.com, $6.94

Women's braided rope belt, oldnavy.com, $16

Women’s braided rope belt, oldnavy.com, $16

Women's anchor print chambray shirt, oldnavy.com, $19.97

Women’s anchor print chambray shirt, oldnavy.com, $19.97


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