Shabby Chic!

First, happy Sunday y’all! Second, I am soooo excited.

Y’all know I love Target ( I just imagine that all the money I spend there can only help my husband’s 401K!) but you may not know I also love shabby chic.  Target’s Simply Shabby Chic has been a favorite of mine for years– I still have a Simply Shabby Chic comforter that I used in high school on my guest room bed! Purple is my favorite color and a few months back I saw it……

Lilac Tiara Ruffle Comforter

Lilac Tiara Ruffle Comforter

Could it get any more girly?!?

Could it get any more girly?!?

I wanted to buy this immediately, but we hadn’t fully committed to a design scheme for the guest room. Brad wanted something a little more masculine. Well……this lavendar bouquet of gorgeous-ness is now mine! I was just cutting through the home goods section and noticed it was half off–I tried to find it online but it’s only available in king size so check your local store. They also had it in pink and a teal floral.

My husband will never be a big fan of shabby chic, but isn’t compromise what marriage is all about? I knew all those hours of watching Swamp People and Axe Men without protestation would come in handy someday…..

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday

Hello All!

I took a little mini break from blogging! Honestly I’ve been so busy I haven’t even had time to shop, much less write about it! I’m getting things in order though, so I’m back! Priorities, right?!

There are some great sales going on right now! Express has clearance with an extra 30% off!! I worked at Express in college (although anything I made went right back into the store!). Stella jeans are my fave but sadly most in my size are already sold out! Check out my other favorites:

Clutch, Express. $19.99 -30% off = $14!!

Clutch, Express. $19.99 -30% off = $14!!

Satchel with Neon trim, $29.99 -30%= $21!!

Printed rufle hi-lo hem dress, $49.99-30%= $35!!

Printed ruffle hi-lo hem dress, $49.99-30%= $35!!

Minus The Leather Scoop back tee, $19.99-30%= $14!!

Minus The Leather Scoop back tee, $19.99-30%= $14!!

I saw some great earrings that weren’t on clearance, but they’re still Buy 1, Get 1 Half off!, $29.99, $29.99

Lace Filigree Earrings,, $22.99

Happy Wednesday, and Happy Shopping y’all!

Lemon & Lime

Welcome back, y’all! 

People always comment that they never see me in neutral colors–I’m always wearing something bright. I can’t help it, I just gravitate toward things that stand out! Life if short, why blend in?

Yellow dress and flats, J. Crew Factory; Cardigan, Kate Spade New York.

Yellow dress and flats, J. Crew Factory; Cardigan, Kate Spade New York.




Why would I want to put on something drab when I have this hanging in my closet? Color just makes getting dressed so much more fun! I’m a big Kate Spade fan and I love the use of color in the clothes and of course the home decor and displays.

Happy Monday all, and LIVEcolorFULLY!