Wish List Wednesday-The Polka Dot Edition!

We’re halfway through this week, friends! 

I don’t know about you guys, but this time change is killing me. I’m not tired when it’s time to go to bed, but super tired when it’s time to get up! I’m going to bribe myself to get through this week with some cute polka dot stuff!

Dress, Belk.com

Dress, Belk.com

This pink dress is AWESOME!! I can’t see having a bad day wearing this dress. I just can’t see it happening. This pink would perk you right up! This would be perfect for Easter.

Clutch, JCP.com

Clutch, JCP.com

I. WANT. THIS!!!! I can see this bag brightening up a red dress or even a denim jacket! So freakin’ cute.

Flats, Zappos.com

Flats, Zappos.com

Do I even need to say anything on these? They pretty much speak for themselves!

What are you guys wishing for this week ? Better yet, how are you all doing with the time change?


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