Monday Funday….said no one ever

Happy Monday Friends!

It’s that time again—the much-dreaded Monday. We can do this y’all!

 I spent a great weekend with my husband shopping at Short Pump. Time together + zero housecleaning + shopping = happy Dana. It’s so nice to get out of town for the weekend, even if we were only an hour or two away.

Mondays are all about easy for me. Whether it’s packing my lunch and gym bag the night before or laying out my outfit ahead of time, Monday is the day I need to operate on auto-pilot.

Let’s ease into the week with the caffeine of your choice and a simple outfit to get you through the day.

I am no where near awake.

I am nowhere near awake.

I told you it was going to be simple.  Black pants + stripe top+ colorful blazer + scarf = Monday perfection.

What’s getting you through your Monday? Tell me in the comment section.


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