Wardrobe Basics, 2.0

My focus for this year is to do more with less. I have wayyy too many clothes in my closet ( if my sister is reading this, she is nodding along in agreement  and I’ll probably receive a text later saying she’ll be happy to take some off my hands!) I’m focusing on buying more pieces that I can wear for years. You know, those pieces that you can’t wait to pull out of the storage container when you unpack for a season? And it’s like, “why hello old friend! .  THOSE pieces.  In order for that to work, those pieces have to be:

 1) Classic

2) Well made

 and last but not least….

3) I have to really like them!

I know what you’re thinking:

“I’ve seen too many articles and posts about wardrobe basics!”

I agree with you. They always include a white button down, black pants, a cardigan, a trench coat, and a LBD (little black dress). BORRRR-ING. Yeah, this is not that post. Everything included in this post is something I actually wear over and over and over…..so I guess you could call it the new-and-improved wardrobe staples for the modern woman. That’s a mouthful! Maybe just  Basics 2.0.

J. Crew Factory

J. Crew Factory

The Stripe Knit Top:  Mine is about 3 years old but this is J. Crew Factory’s 2013 version. Mine looks almost exactly the same and I’ve worn it with everything—pencil skirts, jeans,shorts,  dress pants, even over a dress once. Get one that’s stretchy, so you can layer it over blouses. I got navy/white stripes because I adore navy blue but black stripes works too. It’s classic, so it never goes out of style . I actually keep it in my closet year round since it’s ¾ length sleeves. It looks great with a statement necklace or a scarf.



An Anorak: Get a good mid-weight fabric and wear this jacket 9 months out of the year! The military details of this jacket lend a sharpness to anything you pair it with. It’s great for wearing with jeans, chinos, skirts, and dresses. Casual polish right here people!!

J. Crew Factory

J. Crew Factory

A Colorful Pair of Pants: I love red or hot pink. Pants will go from work-week to week-end without a hitch. These are instant “outfit makers”  and brighten even the most dismal Monday morning. I like the ankle length pants, because I can wear them with flats or heels, depending on my mood.  Colorful pants are “the new black”!



A Chambray button down: This one is from JCP. This too goes with just about anything–skirts, shorts, chinos, with leggings, as a swimsuit cover up, you name it.  You can wear it alone or as a layer. Get one that fits you well. I wear mine at least once every week. Also a piece that stays in my closet year round.

J. Crew Factory

J. Crew Factory

Leopard print anything! Think about it—leopard print is composed of  neutral colors (unless of course you go for a hot pink version!) so it works with most outfits. It brings instant cool to just about anything and can really pull an otherwise drab outfit together!  Above is a scarf, but you could also do shoes or a bag!

Ta-Da! Basics 2.0!  Have a fashionable week, y’all!


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