Sunday Funday….well,sort of

Today did not feel like Sunday at all. I had to work on Saturday, and with Thanksgiving coming up this week all I did was buy groceries, clean up, and basically get ready for the big meal. If fact, as I sit here typing I would swear that it had to be at least Tuesday already…….le sigh.

So what do I love even more than scouting out Fashionable Finds? WEARING my Fashionable Finds!!!


I love this simple yet eye-catching bib necklace! It looks best with a crewneck or boatneck, but I’m challenging myself to find a way to wear it with everything. Where there’s a will, there’s a way so stay tuned!

Here’s the whole outfit:

Green dress, Kohl’s: Oxford booties, Nine West.

Green is the hot color this season, and I wanted something classy AND sassy to wear. I have a lot of shorter dresses that can all be made office appropriate with just a simple pair of tights. I bought these high-heeled oxfords last year because I couldn’t get over how cute they looked with cuffed skinny jeans. Who would have though they’d go with so many dresses?

Wishing you all a fashionable week!


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