Faux Fur + Fashionable Finds

There is very little that gets me excited about wintertime. Fall is beautiful and the coolness is such a welcome change, but more often than not I could go without winter and just skip straight into spring. 

So my last post was about hanging out with one of my good friends. My friend Emily was in town and before she left on Saturday, we had a little more bonding/shopping time. We braved the Premium Outlets together ( I had to do something shady to get a parking spot …) . It was seriously so crazy over there. We also visited New Town shopping center and I found the greatest deal at Loft.

Faux fur collar vest, LOFT.com

I LOVE faux fur. First of all, my office is FREE-zing. Always. So anything I can do short of wearing a Snuggie is an improvement. Loft had a friends + family sale going on, online this vest is $84.99, BUT  in store it was marked down to $34.99, plus I got an extra 40% off! Score! 

Cords, Ann Taylor factory; Blouse, Banana Republic; Vest, LOFT; heels, Nine West.

I couldn’t wait to bust this vest out, and I didn’t have to wait long!

So on to Fashionable Finds. Target came through for me again!

Merona doubleweave pencil skirt $22.99; Target.com

Target’s pencil skirts are awesome. They have just a little bit of stretch, and hold their shape all day long. I have this one in 2 colors already and can’t wait to go back for more! I want this hot lime color next.

La Mer watch, $39.99; Target.com

La Mer has created a line for  Target and the results are so fab! I personally love these wrap watches because my wrist is the size of a 6 year old’s and I always have to have links removed. This self-adjustable band takes care of that problem! These come in tons of colors, but I really think this animal print is somethin’ special!





2 thoughts on “Faux Fur + Fashionable Finds

  1. Love love love the watch, I have small wrists too, must be hereditary! I’d like to try the skirt too, maybe in a few colors!! Great finds:-)

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