I’ve been working overtime trying to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner. And, literally I’ve been working overtime at my actual job. What happens when the two collide? I rely on my staple fall/winter outfit formula: Skinny jeans tucked into boots, a sweater, and a scarf.


Jeans, Banana Republic; Tank, New York & Company; Cardigan, J. Crew; Boots, Banana Republic Factory Store; Scarf, Target.

Do you recognize the scarf? It was a Fashionable Find!



We all need to have that combo that we can just put on and go. That way, when life gets hectic, you know you can just put  it together and look presentable for whatever life may throw at you.

I feel a little guilty sitting here typing away on my blog when there are pumpkin pies to be baked and carpets to be vacuumed before my Thanksgiving company arrives. It looks like I may be wearing some version of this outfit for the next few days…….

What is your go-to outfit or formula for days when you don’t have a lot of time? Tell me about it in the comments!


Sunday Funday….well,sort of

Today did not feel like Sunday at all. I had to work on Saturday, and with Thanksgiving coming up this week all I did was buy groceries, clean up, and basically get ready for the big meal. If fact, as I sit here typing I would swear that it had to be at least Tuesday already…….le sigh.

So what do I love even more than scouting out Fashionable Finds? WEARING my Fashionable Finds!!!

Necklace, Target.com

I love this simple yet eye-catching bib necklace! It looks best with a crewneck or boatneck, but I’m challenging myself to find a way to wear it with everything. Where there’s a will, there’s a way so stay tuned!

Here’s the whole outfit:

Green dress, Kohl’s: Oxford booties, Nine West.

Green is the hot color this season, and I wanted something classy AND sassy to wear. I have a lot of shorter dresses that can all be made office appropriate with just a simple pair of tights. I bought these high-heeled oxfords last year because I couldn’t get over how cute they looked with cuffed skinny jeans. Who would have though they’d go with so many dresses?

Wishing you all a fashionable week!

Faux Fur + Fashionable Finds

There is very little that gets me excited about wintertime. Fall is beautiful and the coolness is such a welcome change, but more often than not I could go without winter and just skip straight into spring. 

So my last post was about hanging out with one of my good friends. My friend Emily was in town and before she left on Saturday, we had a little more bonding/shopping time. We braved the Premium Outlets together ( I had to do something shady to get a parking spot …) . It was seriously so crazy over there. We also visited New Town shopping center and I found the greatest deal at Loft.

Faux fur collar vest, LOFT.com

I LOVE faux fur. First of all, my office is FREE-zing. Always. So anything I can do short of wearing a Snuggie is an improvement. Loft had a friends + family sale going on, online this vest is $84.99, BUT  in store it was marked down to $34.99, plus I got an extra 40% off! Score! 

Cords, Ann Taylor factory; Blouse, Banana Republic; Vest, LOFT; heels, Nine West.

I couldn’t wait to bust this vest out, and I didn’t have to wait long!

So on to Fashionable Finds. Target came through for me again!

Merona doubleweave pencil skirt $22.99; Target.com

Target’s pencil skirts are awesome. They have just a little bit of stretch, and hold their shape all day long. I have this one in 2 colors already and can’t wait to go back for more! I want this hot lime color next.

La Mer watch, $39.99; Target.com

La Mer has created a line for  Target and the results are so fab! I personally love these wrap watches because my wrist is the size of a 6 year old’s and I always have to have links removed. This self-adjustable band takes care of that problem! These come in tons of colors, but I really think this animal print is somethin’ special!




Thursday is the New Friday

At least for this week it is! I am super lucky and have the next 4 days off!  And I kicked it off right Thursday evening by meeting up with one of my favorite girlfriends for dinner and drinks.

Thirsty Thursday……

Girlfriend time can be hard to come by for this old married lady. With work, a home to manage, and an ever-growing to-do list sometimes friend time gets put on the back burner. But not this week! A good friend of mine happened to be in town for a conference so we took advantage of being in the same place at the same time and had some yummy drinks and food. Girlfriend time is good for the soul.

So, now for my casual outfit. I’ve really come to like olive green in the past 6 months. I usually stick with the more common  neutrals–black, brown, navy. Olive looks so great paired with some of the more colorful pieces in my closet, especially red, orange, purple, and yellow.

Red plaid button down, Land’s End; Olive jacket and ankle jeans, Talbots; Boots, J.Crew Factory; Belt, Gap Outlet; Watch, Charming Charlie.

Of course, my casual outfit started out with jeans. Adding a button down always makes me feel more presentable. The sleeve of the olive green jacket was peeking out my closet as if to say, “Me, pick me! I look great with red!” And voila! I added my favorite boots and I was out the door in comfort to face another crazy day .

What are YOU wearing for casual Friday??

And, if I may be so bold as to make a suggestion, set a friend date for yourself sometime soon.  Time spent with the people who know you best is always time well spent!

Rock the Vote!

Happy Election Day, y’all! I hope everyone got out and exercised their right  to vote today.

It’s only Tuesday but already this has been a crazy week. Between voting, work, activities, trying to prepare for Thanksgiving, 2-count ’em 2!-new Real Housewives premieres, and just keeping up in general it feels like it should definitely be Thursday already. The Real Housewives  reality shows scripted dramas are my guilty pleasure. Sure, it looks fun to have all of that money and free time in which to go spend it, but sheesh, all these women have is drama. I wouldn’t trade my happy little life for any of theirs, and I think I probably enjoy watching it because it’s a constant reminder that money won’t buy you happiness. And I don’t know about you, but I sometimes need that reminder!

So on to my outfit for the day! It was pretty chilly here when I woke up. I had this fun, patriotic, red, white, and blue outfit all planned out. Except that when I put it on it just.did.not.work. AT ALL. Each piece was cute separately and in theory it would have worked but when I put it on I just wasn’t feelin’ it. But I have been dying to wear this purple dress.

Dress, Land’s End; Cardigan, Banana Republic; Leather boots, Banana Republic Factory Store; Scarf, Target.

Purple is and has always been my favorite color. I knew I loved it when I was 5 years old. I bought this dress from Land’s End last year and it’s such a dark purple that it looked blah with anything except a gray jacket or sweater. That is, until I got this awesome mustard cardigan. Mustard yellow is not my color, but I love the contrast it makes with so many of my staple colors–purple included. This scarf has both colors in it, so it helps to tie it together. And since I figured I would probably NOT get a sweet parking spot at the polls I added my comfy leather boots.

Love this scarf!

The dress is pretty plain all by itself. Once I added the cardigan, there was no waistline in sight so I cinched it with this brown leather belt from Gap Outlet ( can you tell I love my trips to the Outlet/Factory stores?!). I cinch a lot of my dresses and more voluminous blouses to give them more shape.

Below, the hot accessory of the day:

My “I Voted” sticker! This was actually my first sticker, as I have always voted absentee ballot in advance. I was really looking forward to getting this thing!!!

Now we just have to wait for the election outcome….So I want to know, what did you wear to cast your vote today? Tell me in the comments!

Casual Friday + Fashionable Finds

Friday took forever to get here this week. And this girl is pretty tired. I needed a casual outfit for work to get me through the day in comfort.


I would describe my personal style as classic + color. I love spicing up preppy basics with a pair of colorful pants or a bright cardi. It works well professionally too, because it’s technically office conservative but not at all boring. Color instantly brightens my mood. Yep, I know my thighs would absolutely look thinner in black BUT where’s the fun in that?

Chambray button down (JCP), Navy stripe tee (J. Crew Factory), Red ankle pants (Ann Taylor Factory), leopard flats (Jessica Simpson).

I’m super lucky–not only is there a Target within 5 miles of my house, but my wonderful husband actually works for the company so I get a discount!! I adore Target (or Tar-jay, as I like to call it). And on a recent shopping trip I saw some of the cutest stuff. Below, my favorite accessories in stores now:

Watercolor floral wrap, 14.99; I love the darker colors in this for the fall and winter months ahead

Merona Ostrich clutch in blue, 22.99; it even comes with a detachble strap for when you don’t feel like “clutching” it!

Chain bib necklace in silver, 16.99; so hot right now! AND I found it in-store on clearance for 11.48!

All photos from Target.com

Happy Friday, y’all! Have a safe and fabulous weekend!