Country Roads, Take Me Home!

I grew up in a small town in the mountains of Virginia. While you will hear me complain that there were no fun places to shop/pretty much nothing to do, I will also quickly admit that what Luray lacks in enertainment it makes up for in beautiful scenery. I went home this weekend for a housewarming party and I lucked out–this weekend just happened to be “peak weekend”, meaning the leaves are at their most colorful before they fall off the trees and it suddenly becomes barren until spring. It was a totally gorgeous weekend.

The view outside my sister’s home

I actually really enjoy going home. I get to see family, visit my old haunts, AND I get to break out my fun casual outfits. I always feel like Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama. She’s all business in the wardrobe department until she gets home, and then it’s all dresses and cowboy boots! The crisp weather and the country-fied location made it the perfect place to break out my awesome new wedge boots [from J. Crew Factory store]. 

Rocking the wedge boots with a casual dress and jean jacket. I’m a sucker for a broken-in jean jacket. So comfy!

Lace up Wedge boots

Did I mention the versatility in these babies?? The look equally cute with jeans and skirts. And they’re soooo walkable.

The evenings are a little too cold for bare legs. I love these boots with skinny cuffed jeans.

I so enjoyed my weekend in Luray and the perfect weather. It’s impossible to capture the vibrant leaves in photos, you kind of have to see it in person. 

My mom and I like to go walking on the “Greenway”.


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