2016 is a brand new year

image Hello all!

2016 is upon us! Hasn’t this year passed so quickly? It’s that time again–time to consider what you hope to accomplish in the new year.

To be honest, I love making the resolution but am not always as enthusiastic about keeping the resolution.

In 2016 I would like to:

Grow closer to God

Meditate daily

Complete a juice cleanse


Mentor someone

Exercise every day—even if it’s just for 10 minutes!

Give thoughtful gifts

Clear the clutter

Keep my friendships strong

Craft each month

Master my husband’s favorite dessert

Read Sharp Objects and Nightingale

Spend 24 hours unplugged

Take a risk

Be spontaneous

Shirk all responsibility to do something fun

Surprise someone

Take a road trip

Give someone the benefit of the doubt

Donate to charity

Plan a girls’ weekend

Dig my toes into the sand

What will you do this year?


xo, dCv


Lilly Pulitzer for Target


Hey y’all! Welcome back!

I survived Lilly Pulitzer for Target! Whew, that was something. I’m not a Black Friday shopper, so Pink Sunday really did me in.  After the racks were cleared I went home and, just like the Target website, I crashed.

I was too excited to sleep on Saturday night so I periodically checked the website starting at midnight. I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve again! I saw on Instagram that people were placing orders somewhere between 2:15-2:45 but I still couldn’t get in. When I finally did get in, I could add things to the cart but couldn’t check out. I just kept refreshing, and was able to place a few separate orders. I’m trying not to get too excited about the online orders until I have shipping confirmations—because with the way Target has been you never know. I’m constantly checking to see if my orders have been shipped and keeping my fingers crossed.

Since I was up anyway, I drove by my local Target at 6:30 am. No one was in line yet, and I needed coffee so I made a quick caffeine trip. By the time I got back, the line was about 15-20 people deep. Crap, I was RIGHT HERE just a minute ago and COULD HAVE been first in line. I figured getting anything at this point wouldn’t be likely.

When they opened the doors, I ran like a mad woman. Seriously, if I’d known this is what I was training for I would have worked a little harder in the gym. First, I hit the wall of purses (our store got ONE in each color) and pulled the green tote, a headwrap and a couple of nail files. All the scarves were already gone. Next, the dresses and I scored the pink one. It has to be altered but it’s so pretty and I can’t wait to wear it. I ran over to the home section and grabbed a package of napkins and the Boom Boom beach towel. While I didn’t get everything I wanted, I love everything I got and know I was really lucky since so many people weren’t able to buy anything.

Below, my in-store scores, minus the beach towel!

Lilly Pulitzer for Target

Were you able to get your hands on any Lilly for Target?
Xo, dCv

In the Kitchen

Hi y’all, and welcome back!

We had a nice little weekend here in Williamsburg. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well! Saturday was rainy, and the perfect day to sleep in ’til noon and read a good book. Sunday was gorgeous and a great day to be outside so I took full advantage of it! You never know when you will get the next nice day around here!

I pinned this Southern Living Bacon and Cheddar Grits Quiche recipe and couldn’t wait to try it out.

Pinterest, via Southern Living

Pinterest, via Southern Living

Brace yourself before you get too excited, Southern Living’s turned out much prettier than mine!

With some banana.....gotta get that fruit in!

With some banana…..gotta get that fruit in!

This turned out wonderfully (if I do say so myself). It was so good! I followed the recipe exactly and would make it again for brunch or maybe Christmas or Easter morning! Be warned though, it took about three and a half hours so give yourself plenty of time.

What’s your favorite brunch recipe?

xo, dCv


Life lately

Hello all!

Happy Daylight Savings Time! (said somewhat sarcastically)

I’m so thankful for the extra hour of daylight in the evenings, but man am I paying for it in sleep!

Spring feels like the perfect time to make a few changes! Normally I fight change tooth and nail (silly and pointless, I know) but this time, I’m ready!

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

It’s never too late to make changes! Life is a series of trying things, finding what works and what doesn’t and starting over. I for one and excited about what’s on the horizon!

There’s only one person to blame if you aren’t where you want to be or happy with what you’re doing–YOU! Do something everyday to get closer to your dreams! It all adds up.

Have a great day, y’all!

xo, dCv

Loving at Talbots

Hello all and welcome back!

It’s been quite a week around here with lots and lots of snow and ice. I’ve been perusing all the spring catalogs I got in the mail and I love so many of the new arrivals at Talbots.

Loving at Talbots


What are you loving lately?

Have a great weekend!
xo, dCv

Is it spring yet?

Hello everyone!

I hope you’ve had a great week!

We’ve been staying busy with our new dogs and getting them acclimated to living inside. I caught a nasty bug earlier this week and it really knocked me out but I’m getting back to normal now.

I am so over winter. I like a little cold weather and snow but I’m ready for the next season. We got snow and ice this past week and it’s still hanging around. In Hampton Roads, it seems like there is very little done when it comes to snow removal. People here don’t know how to drive safely in it. My work parking lot is still barely plowed and there is black ice everywhere.

Let me tell ya how I really feel..... via Pinterest

Let me tell ya how I really feel…..
via Pinterest

 I mean, can I just hibernate until April? Please?

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

 I hope you all have a great weekend, and stay warm!

xo, dCv

Our pups!

Hello all!

Hope you’re all staying warm! It’s so cold here in Williamsburg. We are expecting a few inches of snow tonight. We picked up our rescue dogs really late Friday night in Maryland and we’ve both taken a few days off to spend at home with them this week to help them get settled.

Their new names are Riley and Maddie and we are so in love with them!

Our first cuddling session on Saturday morning

Our first cuddling session on Saturday morning

They haven’t lived indoors before and it’s clear they weren’t used to getting plenty of food before they went to the shelter. They are learning good manners quickly and are eager to please. Riley loves toys and Maddie loves to cuddle and nap.





We are enjoying spoiling them and learning their personalities. So happy to have them in our lives!

Xo, dCv

Don’t shop…

Hello all and welcome back!

As you may remember reading, my Golden Retriever Cole passed away last August. We were totally heartbroken. Even though we thought we would wait at least a year before getting another dog, we recently started checking out rescue dogs.
Even before Cole passed away, I knew that the next dog I got would have to be a rescue. There are so many wonderful dogs and cats that need homes. People join waiting lists for those cute puppies at the breeders while older mixed-breed dogs sit in shelters. This is one thing that I don’t want to shop for. You don’t have to get a purebred to experience pure love!
My husband found Bumble and Bee on a rescue site in Tennessee. They are a bonded pair of year-old Labrador Retrievers. He showed me their pictures, and asked what I thought about two dogs instead of just one. What did I think?! Double the love!

Meet Bumble!

Meet Bumble!


Meet Bee!

Meet Bee!

We pick these girls up on Valentine’s Day!

Welcome home, Bumble and Bee!

xo, dCv